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lean muscle workouts will help you burn belly fat and get more defined

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Lean muscle workouts help you burn belly fat, increase ab definition, and build lean muscle mass. Women want guys with the "lean Hollywood look." You can build a body chicks find appealing.

In the past five years, guys have been looking for a completely different type of workout, and this search can be directly linked to what women want in the male physique.

The bodybuilding industry was established because MEN wanted to be bigger, have more muscle density, and look larger than life.

Companies that manufactured both worthless supplements and steroids profited tremendously because MEN were driving the market.

Now, things are changing drastically. With the extensive coverage of Summer Olympic Games, and movies such as The 300, women are asserting themselves in letting guys know that they don't want men with male belly fat...AND the do not want bulky, blocky, big guys.

They desire a man with, what they dreamily refer to as, the lean Hollywood look.

Are there secret lean muscle workouts available?

there are no magical lean muscle workouts NO. There are NO "secret" workouts to build lean muscle, nor are there any "secret" high-tech supplements to ignite hormonal activity...although many websites will tell you there are and take your money.

Let's cover some points of reality so you can make an informed decision about how you want to pursue getting rid of belly fat, improving ab definition, and building solid muscle.

* Getting more definition means you MUST lose body fat. Since you cannot "exercise-off" huge amounts of calories, you must commit to making better food choices.

* You need to get rid of of sugar foods, processed foods, and high-carb/low-nutrition foods.

* STAY AWAY from protein shakes...they can promote fat retention. Get your protein from solid sources like turkey, fish, and chicken breasts.

* Crushing yourself in the gym with 10x10 workouts that take two hours will not help. Actually, you'll find yourself adding more lean muscle when you train heavy with lower reps and sets.

* If you want to look like an athlete, you have to workout like an athlete. Their whole routine is geared to lean muscle workouts.

* Interval training must become a significant element in your workouts. They are the backbone of conditioning in the NFL, the Olympic Training Center, all elite college athletic programs, and...Hollywood.

Lean muscle workouts start with a proven program

lean muscle workouts start with a proven program

The #1 draw for women when they look at the male body is the abs. You do not have to have chiseled, hyper-defined abdominal muscles to appeal to chicks...just a lack of belly fat and love handles.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs, by Mike Geary, is NOT a book filled with ab exercises. (He shows 20 of them.)

* His program integrates optimal nutrition, intense and brief "hardgainer" strength training, and interval workouts to build lean dense muscle as you burn belly fat.

* Mike understands that the ONLY way to get the lean hard look that women desire is to hit the entire body intensely. There is NO SUCH THING as "spot reducing." Fat must come off everywhere.

* The weight training routines he utilizes focus on fundamental, multi-joint lifts that work the big muscle groups hard. Fluff exercises are left behind. The 50-60 minutes you spend in the gym will be focused, purposeful, and geared to make you stronger.

* Lean muscle workouts CANNOT become stagnant and repetitive. They must continually evolve as you become stronger. Mike makes certain that yours will.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs has helped 1000's of guys make quality changes in their build. If you are looking for a program for lean muscle workouts that will make you more desirable to women, this is one to strongly consider.

Fat loss guru, Tom Venuto, has a great program for intermediate lifters

Brad Pilon's "Anabolic Again" program is ONLY for advanced (over 3 years) lifters

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