Sean Nalewanyj

Hardgainer guru teaches you how to build bigger muscles

Sean Nalewanyj has fast become a hardgainer guru. His best-selling eBook, The Truth About Building Muscle will show you how to build bigger muscles and burn belly fat.

In one of the most complete turn-arounds imaginable, Sean changed himself from a skinny, geeky, non-athletic wimp that girls walked right past all through high school, into a tightly-muscled, 200 lb natural bodybuilder.

It started with a set of weights from SEARS and Sean admits he made every mistake possible in his attempts to build immediate muscle mass.

Like so many weightlifting beginners he burned through every workout program imaginable, spent all his money on expensive (and worthless) "secret supplements" and tried to pattern his lifting after the steroid-juiced professional bodybuilders in slick magazines.

He made ZERO gains...and actually looked smaller almost a year later.

It was then that Sean went on a personal crusade to learn all he could about building bigger muscles and burning belly fat. He read physiology of exercise journals, called or wrote muscle research authorities, and used himself as a human test project.

The backbone of Sean Nalewandyj's hardgainer program

sean nalewandyj hardgainer build bigger muscles

* Best suited as a beginner's or intermediate hardgainer program.

* Train 3 days per week for about 1 hour.

* High intensity - Low volume sets/reps.

* There are 3 different 8 week cycles.

* You will be expected to workout like an athlete...100% intense effort.

* You will focus on progression. You CANNOT build muscle fast.

* You will learn about nutrition and eating to build muscle.

* Your training will focus on fundamental, compound multi-joint lifts.

* You will learn about realistic supplements, but they are NOT required.

Sean Nalewandyj's The Truth About Building Muscle is a proven hardgainer program to build bigger muscles. He has helped thousands of guys who found it difficult to put on muscle without adding belly fat. He can help you build dense muscle, increase your strength, and build a body women want to touch.

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