There Is NO Best Ab Workout!

In reality, there is NO best ab workout. If you want to burn belly fat and get defined abs, you will need to follow a proven program that emphasizes good food choices and strength building workouts.

The reason there is no best abdominal workout to help you reach your goals is three-fold:

(1) Your body adapts quickly to workouts and they must be continually changed to get increasing results.

(2) Doing the same routine day-after-day is boring and your intensity will drop. The result is...decreasing results.

(3) Ab workouts are the least effective ways to get defined abs.

there is no best ab workout

* In order to lose enough belly fat so you can see your abdominal muscles, you must adhere to a positive nutritional program that emphasizes making good food choices.

* Ab workouts do not burn many calories at all. This is why they are so ineffective when compared to following a disciplined diet and lifting to build lean muscle mass

* Ab exercises are just part of a quality program. You want to center on strength building workouts to increase lean muscle.

* Since you abs are stabilizer muscles, they will get worked extremely hard on exercises like squats, deadlifts, and seated dumbbell military presses. (The trouble is, the majority of guys want nothing to do with these tough lifts.)

* Forget about the "More is Better" philosophy. Doing an extra 500 crunches each day will NOT help you get ab definition any quicker. You CANNOT "spot reduce" and you will NEVER burn enough calories.

* Adding interval training workouts is a MUST if you are sincere about getting defined abs. This is how athletes train and why they look so ripped.

As you can see, the best ab workout is actually a comprehensive program of conscious eating and focused, intense workouts.

the best ab workout is actually a comprehensive program of diet and intense strength building workouts

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