Building Lean Muscle Mass

Burn belly fat and build lean muscle

Building lean muscle mass takes a concentrated effort with a proven program. When building lean muscle, you must be vigilant about eating to build muscle and burn belly fat.

The hyped-up concept that you can bulk-up, then go through a "cutting phase" only works if you are a professional bodybuilder whose steroid dosage is being tracked by a personal physician with a computer program.

Although there are definite benefits of protein shakes, a lot of guys put on hard-to-lose FAT in their misguided attempts to build muscle mass through supplementation.

Olympic competitors and professional athletes know that a trained body can only put on about 1 lb. of rock-hard muscle per month. Since they make their living with their body, you can be well-assured that they are extremely focused on building lean muscle mass that will burn belly fat.

Besides, there is one more consideration: Women DO NOT admire the bodies of guys who look bloated and bulked. They want lean, defined guys who look athletic...and ready for...anything.

Building lean muscle mass requires you to be aware and intelligent

building lean muscle mass

* In order to look like a conditioned athlete, you must workout like an athlete.

* You must commit to knowing EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth each time you eat.

* You must commit to working out with basic, fundamental lifts...not fluff or isolation exercises in the weight room.

* Squats, deadlifts, weighted pull-ups, and weight dips need to be integrated in your workout.

* Set realistic goals. Forget about looking like the next bodybuilding champion. Shoot for putting on 8-10 lbs of solid rock-hard muscle in 12 months, or losing 15 lbs of fat.

* Continually push yourself to "go heavier." Look to slightly increase the poundage you are pushing, or adding an extra rep every three weeks.

* Concentrate your workouts on compound, multi-joint lifts with free weights...not machines.

* Error on the side of a moderate number of intense sets each exercise session. Full-body workouts should have about 6-8 intense, all-out "working sets" (non-warm up sets.)

* A 20-rep squat set needs to be done 2x per month

Building lean muscle mass with a proven program

building lean muscle mass with a proven program The best program we have found for beginner and intermediate weight training is authored by Sean Nalewanyj.

He presents a step-by-step guide to building lean muscle mass from a "Hardgainer's" point of view.

* You will learn how to make good food choices to build bigger muscles and also, when to eat for maximum muscular gain.

* You will learn why free weights are so effective in reaching your goals to build lean muscle.

* You will learn how expensive and worthless the majority of supplements are, and how companies suck you in with hyped-up marketing and fear to take your money.

* You will learn what it is like to follow a program of "cycling" your workouts and how to design effective workouts of your own.

You CANNOT build lean muscle with anything less than full commitment to making yourself as muscular as possible. This must be done with concentrated effort on watching what you eat and lifting to build strength and increase size progressively.

A proven program for building lean mass while you burn belly fat will give you a body that women admire and want to touch.

Optimum Anabolics is a solid advanced program for building lean muscle mass

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The Hardgainer's Bible - Beyond Brawn: How to Build Muscle and Might




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