What's The Best Workout For Weight Loss?

The best workout for weight loss is actually NOT a single workout. To burn belly fat and make fat loss permanent, you must combine elements of exercise with making good food choices.

It is a huge misconception to think you can "exercise-off" or "run-off" belly fat and lose weight. You would exhaust yourself (you burn about 100 calories per mile when you run) way before you realized any significant changes in your body.

best workout for weight loss

* There is no single outstanding workout for weight loss. Routines must keep changing because the body adapts quickly.

* A good workout plan will ALWAYS focus first on the need to make good food choices when starting a weight loss program.

* Another myth is that a quick weight loss diet is needed to "shock" your body into cutting fat. FORGET IT! This is truly nonsense.

* The best diet to lose weight will be sensible, safe, and progressive. It will help you evolve to a more positive lifestyle.

* Workouts must also be progressive. You can't jump into training like an Olympic athlete. You must start slower and build your strength and endurance. You must exercise regularly and consistently...and make it part of your new lifestyle.

* Weight training MUST be part of your exercise routine so that you build lean muscle to increase your metabolism naturally and keep it humming for hours afterward.

* Cardio/extended activity must become an everyday part of your lifestyle. You must work several months to become strong enough to integrate interval training workouts into your sessions.

Getting rid of excess fat requires a comprehensive plan. Don't let anyone tell you there is one best workout for weight loss.

the best workout for weight loss is actually a comprehensive program not a sigle workout

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