How To Get Defined Abs

How to get defined abs? The answer seems simple. To burn belly fat and make lean muscle visible, you must: Eat Less...Eat Better...Workout More. That's where the tough part comes in.

In order to get defined abs, an entirely new mindset must be taken on. There are several mental hurdles that must be dealt with, in addition to amping-up your workouts.

how to get defined abs

* The first mental hurdle is: When you decide to reduce your body fat, you WILL lose size. That's reality.

* The next big hurdle is eating consciously. This is how athlete's live. Unless you know exactly what you are putting in your mouth, you will sabotage your fat loss plan.

* Stay away from phony (expensive) supplements that have almost zilch effects. Stay away from protein shakes. Guys end up putting on more fat by abusing them.

* To get defined abs, you will need to gain lean muscle mass to naturally increase metabolism.

* Full-body workouts that focus on strength training lifts will be central to increasing your lean muscle mass.

* Continually changing your workouts, much like those used in Escalating Density Training or the P90X exercise program will be part of your program.

* Structured, intense cardio in the form of interval training workouts, like those used by professional athletes will need to be added. These will not be fun...but they will give you significant results.

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learn how to get defined abs

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