Interval Training Fat Loss Is Real

interval training fat loss

Establish a calorie deficit with interval training workouts to burn belly fat

Interval training fat loss is real. By far, interval training workouts are the best way to complement making good food choices to burn belly fat and build lean muscle.

Olympic and professional athletes are the best evidence that interval training works when it comes to getting rid of belly fat. They make their living with their bodies, and their continual fitness goal is to increase lean muscle mass while burning body fat.

interval training fat loss is real

* Interval training is demanding. It is not for beginners or the faint-hearted. Brief explosive anaerobic bursts between sets of strength-building exercises demands both fortitude and self-discipline.

* Proven programs like Turbulence Training, the P90X Home Exercise Program, and the popular Truth About Six Pack Abs all adhere to this protocol.

* These three programs get remarkable results, yet they also have a high incidence of people who quit because they do NOT like to be sweaty, feel out of breath, and be red in the face. Significant fat loss is NOT for everybody.

* None of these programs are excessive or harsh, but they do force you out of your comfort zone. (Guys who like to read a John Gresham novel while riding the bike at the gym will NOT like these programs.)

* Fat loss from Interval Training will NOT work unless you are making good food choices and eating to build muscle mass. You CANNOT eat what you please and expect intense exercise to save you.

If you are truly committed to getting more fit, more muscular, and rock hard male abs, then interval training fat loss is for you.

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