What's The Best Lose Belly Fat Exercise?

The best lose belly fat exercise is "pushing away from the kitchen table." Actually, to burn belly fat you must follow a comprehensive plan of making good food choices, cardio, and weight training.

Let's stop before we go any farther and get real: There is NO one best exercise to lose belly fat. If you truly want to get rid of stomach fat and make fat loss permanent, your fat loss exercise strategies will ALWAYS focus on diet first.

lose belly fat exercise

* The key to fat loss is establishing a calorie deficit each week. In order to do this, you must take in less calories than you burn. The easiest way to do this is by making good food choices.

* When I said the best exercise was "pushing away from the table" I meant to practice portion control, and to stay COMPLETELY away from sugar foods and fatty foods. They smell good and they taste good...however, they do nothing but create fat to be stored on your waist.

* Along with an optimal nutrition plan, exercise must be regular and consistent. Aspiring to a more positive lifestyle is your best defense against creeping weight gain.

* Intense weight loss exercise plans do NOT work. You will either burn out mentally or sustain an overuse injury.

* A solid weight loss workout plan will include both weight training workouts and structured cardio.

* Mindless jogging on the treadmill, or reading a book while you pedal the stationary bike will NOT help you get rid of belly fat. You must exercise with a purpose and include elements of interval training workouts. (Learn more about interval workouts for women.)

lose belly fat exercise

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lose belly fat exercise

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