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Get tight abs through a combination of making good food choices and strength building workouts. You can burn belly fat and get more ab definition with progressive fat loss.

When people say they want tight abs, they normally mean, "How can I get my abs to stand out and look more defined?"

The simple explanation is "Eat Less - Eat Better - Workout Intensely." In order to see your abs, you must reduce the layer of fat covering them...and that takes both TIME and focused EFFORT.

You can do it...but probably not as speedy as you want to.

For some reason, it is a turn-off to many people that they cannot get tight, cut abs in just a few weeks. Here is the reality: It took time for you to accumulate a layer of fat over your abdominals...and it is going to take time, mental discipline, and fat-burning workouts to get rid of it.

get tight abs with an optimal diet and strength building workouts

* Your first item of strategy is to get your diet under control. Stop eating sugar foods. Lighten up on carbs and start eating more protein. Start drinking more water. Making good food choices MUST become a lifestyle habit, not just a short-term strategy for fat loss.

* Get your protein from solid sources of food (like fish, turkey, and grilled chicken breasts) NOT protein smoothies and protein shakes that actually PUT ON more belly fat.

* Of the three elements (diet, strength training, cardio) that make up a quality program to get tight abs...DIET is easily the most important. It is the key to establishing the calorie deficit you need to lose the needed pounds of fat to see your abs.

* Whether you are male or female, full-body, strength building workouts must be your focus when you exercise. NOT adding another 1000 crunches or 10 different ab exercise movements.

* Cardio is the third element of fat loss strategy, and it must be done intelligently. Forget wandering along listening to your iPod or reading a book on the stationary bike while you mindlessly pedal. To get rid of belly fat and be able to see your abs, you must center your cardio around interval training workouts.

Following a proven program will help you get the tight abs you are so strongly seeking. The two I recommend are shown below.

get tight abs with fit yummy mummy

Holly Rigsby has developed a great program for women that gets results!

get tight abs with mike geary's excellent proven program

Get tight abs with the best-selling ab program on the Internet

get tight abs by making good food choices

Make better food choices to lose that layer of fat covering your abs

Learn healthy eating guidelines to help you burn belly fat

Eating healthy at work is a MUST if you are to get the ab definition you desire

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