Great Ab Workouts Do Not Burn Belly Fat

Great ab workouts do not burn belly fat. Ab exercises make your torso stronger and stabilize your spine better, but to get defined abs you must engage proven strategies.

Before we go any farther, let me clear up a major misconception: There is NO WAY no will ever be able to expend enough calories by exercising or even running to get defined abs. It is simply NOT possible. Making good food choices and eating consciously plays a huge role.

Burn belly fat and become more muscular

great ab workouts

* Male belly fat harms guys in two ways: It is a health time-bomb waiting to explode, and it is a physical turn-off to chicks.

* Today's woman is fascinated with the "Lean Hollywood Look". They desire guys who look fit and athletic.

* In order to get rid of belly fat and lose love handles, you must: Eat Less...Eat Better...Workout More.

* Making a huge lifestyle change will be the key, and your diet must undergo the biggest adjustment. From now on you CANNOT eat whatever you please. It is not realistic if you want a muscular body.

* Sugar foods will have to go. The same with oily foods and fast foods. Beer and pizza must be kept at a minimum. All of these sabotage building lean muscle to increase metabolism naturally.

* Full-body workouts with strength-building lifts must become your focus with the weights. Skip the "fluff" exercises.

* You must become strong enough to integrate interval training workouts into your cardio.

If you are truly committed to burning belly fat and increasing your lean muscle mass to get rock hard male abs that women want to touch, my recommendation is a proven program called The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

It is more than great ab workouts. It becomes a way of life.

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