Muscle Building Tips

Tips for building muscle should also help you burn belly fat

Muscle building tips are splattered across the Internet. It seems like everyone knows the best ways to build muscle or has some secret tips for building muscle. It's no wonder guys get confused and frustrated.

There are 1000's of sites...vying for $1000's of dollars...promising every male between 14 and 94 they can get big fast.

And, guess what? It is easy to get hooked. After all, who wants to devote 50 minutes a day to lifting hard, then another 30 doing intense cardio when you could use a secret (expensive and worthless) supplement or a special (even more expensive and worthless) piece of home exercise equipment to get huge?

I'll give you a few of our tips for building muscle. They will probably seem pretty basic and vanilla, but if you adhere to them and commit to a mindset of continual improvement, we think they'll prove valuable.

Muscle building tips are simple, but sticking to them is not easy

muscle building tips

* Tip 1 You must commit to understanding how your body works and how food affects both muscle growth and putting on fat. You must quickly learn the difference between good food choices...and those that taste good, but will sabotage your plans to become more muscular.

* Tip 2 Learn all you can about yourself. No two guys gain muscle mass in the same way, and no two guys burn belly fat the same way. Genetics and desire for improvement are intangibles that can affect your development. This only happens over time...not in 6-12 weeks.

* Tip 3 Get real. You CANNOT build muscle fast (well, unless you use steroids.) You build rock-hard muscle and size over time. It is progressive. Results will be best seen in 6 month increments.

* Tip 4 Eating to build muscle means just that. DO NOT fall for the professional bodybuilder nonsense of "It's okay to put on some fat because later you will go into a cutting phase." Sadly, that only works when you use steroids. You'll be bigger, but you'll be fatter.

* Tip 5 There are definite benefits of protein shakes, however they can trick you into putting on belly fat real easy. Use them sparingly. More IS NOT Better. Get your protein from solid foods like turkey, fish, and chicken breasts.

Muscle building tips to help you become stronger and more lean

muscle building tips to make you strong Muscle building tips miss the boat entirely when they concentrate solely on size. You want to continually be building fat loss muscle, staying lean, and getting stronger.

* Tip 6 If you need motivation for getting as strong and lean as you can, think about this: Chicks are TURNED OFF by guys who look oversized. They want guys who look like Olympic athletes or NFL skill players. They want the "lean Hollywood look" on men.

* Tip 7 If you are going to look like an athlete, then you must begin training like an athlete. This means doing things others do not like, such as...lifting intelligent and lifting heavy, running sprint intervals, and committing to a diet to build muscle.

* Tip 8 Don't take tips for building muscle at face value, especially when they promise huge increases in strength or size...or involve exotic-sounding supplements. Check things out. If something you hear in the gym (especially from a personal trainer with a high school education and a 2-day certification class) sounds hokey, it probably is.

* Tip 9 Train to build strength. Size will follow. However, you cannot do the same exercises and set/rep patterns month after month. Stay with fundamental multi-joint lifts, but use alternate exercises. (i.e. Change lat pulldowns to weighted pull-ups. Change military presses to dumbbell presses, etc.)

* Tip 10 DO NOT buy muscle magazines and expect to make gains from the workouts of the professional bodybuilders in them. The majority of them have a personal physician tracking their steroid dosage on a computer...and the magazines are really just 150-page brochures to sell you expensive supplements with high-tech names. have our muscle building tips. Maybe they are not exciting, but hopefully they made you think. We wish you the best of luck on your goals and we want you to become as strong, lean, and muscular as you can possibly be. Thank you for coming to our site.

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