Get A Swimmers Body - Increase Lean Muscle

get a swimmers body

You can burn belly fat and get a swimmers build that appeals to women

You can get a swimmers body. You can burn belly fat and increase your lean muscle mass to get a swimmers build. Get a body women want to touch.

When it comes to what women find physically and sexually attractive in a man, they think of the Olympic athletes (and lean actors) they see on TV.

Topping their list is the total absense of male belly fat. A soft, flabby, torso is a huge turn-off to chicks.

You do not have to get ripped abs immediately, but the more flat and more defined you can get your stomach, the more attractive you will be to women.

The good thing is, this type of build is much easier to achieve than trying to gain slabs of dense muscle to increase size.

A swimmers body is defined with broad shoulders tapering to a lean waist and hips. Their legs are strong and powerful, but not bulky.

Although years of calorie blasting workouts in the pool contributes directly to a swimmers physique, they also lift weights to increase lean muscle mass.

Believe it or not, women actually call a swimmers build, the lean Hollywood look.

Go figure.

Some Tips To Get A Swimmers Body

you can get a swimmers body with a quality diet and weight training * Your #1 priority, if you want the body of an elite athlete, is to get your diet under control.

* You will need to get rid of ALL sugar foods. This includes cereals, pop, energy drinks, and pastries/desserts. Sugar DOES NOT build lean muscle tissue.

* You will need to eliminate eating at fast food restaurants, cheap buffets, and pizza/wing places. The foods served there are calorie-rich, fat-rich, and nutrition-poor.

* Use an online Basal Metabolic Rate calculator to find your caloric baseline. Start eating slightly less than your baseline to burn belly fat.

* Regular and consistent exercise is the 2nd key. Competitive swimmers workout everyday, twice a day. You do not need to be at that extreme, but getting exercise everyday should be a priority

* Getting strong enough to start a strength building program through weight lifting needs to be a goal.

* An Olympic swimmer's daily workout consists of aerobic and anaerobic sessions. Your cardio needs to do the same. To accelerate fat loss, you need to move EVERYDAY.

* Interval training workouts are the backbone of athlete's workouts. Set a goal to increase your strength and endurance so you can ad them. You will burn belly fat a lot faster.

Let's be real, you will not get a swimmers body overnight. This goal will take time, effort, and focus. Set evaluative markers for weight loss and a reduction in body fat percentage at 15 weeks, 25 weeks, and 40 weeks.

One good thing about working to get a swimmers physique is that when you lose fat and gain some definition, you look both more muscular and stronger.

Go With A Proven Program To Build A Swimmers Body

get a swimmers build with a proven program

Although The Truth About Six Pack Abs is the program we most frequently recommend, there are a couple of other proven programs that can get you great results, also.

The first is Turbulence Training, the ultra-popular body-weight home exercise program that gets proven results.

Designed by Craig Ballantyne, "this program gives you at least 16 weeks of fat-blasting workouts, so expect a two-digit fat loss by the time you get through the program."

It comes as a downloadable eBook, and you can use it immediately.

Another great program is The P90X Exercise program that is seen advertised on TV.

It is a workout system composed of 13 different CD's which are used in a rotating fashion to accelerate fat loss. The people who adhere to this program get excellent results.

Each of these three proven programs will help you get a swimmers body. I urge your careful consideration to find the one that fits best for you. Build a body women want to touch.

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