Finding The Best Ab Program

To me, the best ab program to burn belly fat and increase lean muscle is Mike Geary's The Truth About Six Pack Abs. Why? Because it focuses on diet and strength building workouts.

Most importantly, though, it GETS RESULTS.

There are hundreds of sites clamoring for your money to help you lose male belly fat and get a more lean, muscular build...but Mike's program outdistances them all.

the best ab program is the truth about six pack abs

* The main reason why guys succeed with Mike's program is because they come to understand how making good food choices is the #1 key to get ripped abs.

* Since losing belly fat is a progressive endeavor, there are no false promises of fast fat loss with this program. Time and focused effort will be key elements of your success.

* You CANNOT exercise-off belly fat and love handles. This is why Mike helps you learn about the best food choices to help you get the lean Hollywood look that women find so physically appealing in men.

* This program does NOT center on a bunch of ab exercises. Despite all of the myths, they do NOT help much with burning calories. Strength building exercises with weights increase your lean muscle mass and amp-up your metabolism.

* As you get stronger, you will get bigger muscles...and you will be shredding fat in Mike's program.

As you can see, the best ab program that I recommend is actually NOT an ab program at all. It is the blueprint for a more positive lifestyle that will enable you to burn belly fat, become more muscular, and even...get bigger arms as you progress in strength.

the best ab program to help you become more muscular

Here's what I recommend as the best ab program

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