Sprinting For Fat Loss Is Old School

Sprinting for fat loss is nothing new. Olympic and professional athletes use sprints and interval training workouts to burn belly fat and build lean muscle tissue. (Which athletes look the most muscular...sprinters/hurdlers...or long distance runners???)

Sprints are old school. If you played sports in high school or college, you know the end of practice usually had 8-10 repeats (with very little rest) of sprints lasting 6-15 seconds. they were full-bore...and you stayed lean and athletic.

The trouble is, after those competitive years, guys say to themselves "I'll never have to run sprints again." Sadly, that mindset leads to the accumulation of male belly fat and love handles.

However, sprinting for fat loss is something you can get back into. It will take some progressive conditioning, but you can do it and see great results.

sprinting for fat loss is old school

* If you have not been running for fat loss for the past 5-6 months, you will need to build up a foundation before jumping into sprint workouts.

* Sprint workouts are brief. They will not last over 20 minutes, at most.

* You can set your sprint/rest intervals pretty much however you want...but if you intend to run close to full-bore, you CANNOT sprint much longer than 12-15 seconds.

* Your rest interval will be close to 1 minute. You do not need full recovery (unless you are actually training for sprint competition) but you need your system settled down to repeat the sprints.

* Start with only four sprints your first couple of workouts, then progressively add 1 or 2 until you are at 10-12 sprints in your workout.

* Start with one sprint workout per week. You can add another as you get stronger. NEVER do back-to-back sprint workouts. Your chance of injury jumps considerably.

* Athletes focus on strength building workouts to build lean muscle mass. As you get stronger, your sprint workouts will improve...and you'll burn more belly fat.

* Burn this into your brain: Just because you do sprint workouts, you CANNOT eat whatever you please. To accelerate male fat loss you must eat consciously and make good food choices a lifestyle habit.

Sprinting for fat loss takes you back to working out like an athlete.

If you truly want to get rid of belly fat, and keep it off forever, get mentally tough enough to include sprint workouts in your weekly cardio.

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